Midterm Trip

I’m just now getting a chance to write a post since this past week and a half have been so crazy. I had midterms this past Monday that I had to go to Georgia for so I spent all of the last week studying. I missed BSF on Thursday which was the second week in a row for me to miss. Friday I got finished at work and headed home to finish packing and try and go to bed early. I had decided to check a bag so I could take some stuff I didn’t need to Georgia any bring some stuff that I’d left there back to Kansas. I left the house at 3am on Saturday for my flight leaving at 5:30. Everything was going fine until the line to check my bag to a long time. I managed to late check my bag by six minutes. The lady at the desk was like we might not get it on your flight and if it doesn’t it will be on the next flight there. That flight wasn’t until 1pm. I tried not to worry about it and let it be since I couldn’t change it anyway. The flight in was smooth and I arrived in Atlanta around 8:30. I got to the baggage claim and waited about 15 minutes before I got my bag. I got on MARTA and settled in for my 1-hour train ride to North Springs. I knew that dad was coming to pick me up but I was surprised when I saw mom in the car as well. We headed back north and decided to stop at CFA to grab me a quick breakfast and use the bathroom. Dad, mom and I chatted in the car getting caught up as we drove home. Naomi was super excited to see me and chased me around the car a couple of times before I made it into the house. We ate lunch and then I napped for a couple of hours because I was starting to crash. Saturday was Katelyn’s birthday so their family came over for supper to celebrate her and say hi to me. Sunday we went to church. It was really nice to see everyone again even though it was a quick visit. Leah took some pictures of me for my Christmas cards that I decided to make. I got an announcement on Sunday from my art teacher that testing time had been extended from what used to be 12-8 and was now 8-8. That was great because I already felt pushed for time for leaving the house on Monday afternoon. I was excited because if I got to take all my tests before noon I wouldn’t feel so rushed. I left around 8:45 and got to the college by 9:30. I then found out that only my art midterm could be taken before 12. Once I got to the room for the test it took me 5 minutes to complete which was a blessing because I thought that would be my hardest test. I really wanted to be first in line for the tests at 12 so I could get them done and get back home quickly. I went and sat at the door at 10:45 and read a book till it was time for the tests. Once I got signed in and was given my paper I picked a computer to start the first test. But wait, as if I wasn’t feeling stressed enough, the password they gave me wasn’t working. It took maybe 8 minutes to get it worked out but it felt like forever because I was watching the clock for leaving. I took both tests in 5 minutes each. Needless to say, I was ahead of my scheduled 1 hour for each test. I got home and visited for a while before Dad and I left to eat supper and to drop me off at MARTA. I didn’t want there to be any chance of being late for checking my bag or getting to my gate which in turn meant that I arrived at my gate 2 hours early. I talked with Elizabeth for pretty much the two hours until it was time to board. It wasn’t a full flight so we were loaded up rather quickly and just waited at the gate. One of the pilots came out of the cockpit and said that we had been fueled incorrectly. They never told us exactly how the plane was fueled incorrectly. We didn’t end up leaving the gate till an hour after we were supposed to have taken off. Once we landed and I got my checked bag, I got on the shuttle to go get my car. I made it home by 1am and was super tired. I changed out of my jeans, took my jacket off and crawled into bed because I had to get up for work in about 5 hours.

I’m still getting caught up on school which I’ve almost done. I’m reminded why I keep ahead in school because I hate doing stuff right before the due date. I am so excited that I’ve got approximately 8 weeks of school left! I’m ready to be done and graduate.

I’m got the title to my car this week and I’ll be going to finish getting everything in my name next week.

I’ll write more later. I’ve got an art folder to complete :/