5 months

I’ve lived in Topeka, KS for 5 months.

No one else really remembers but I do. And I’m excited that I’ve made it this long. I’ve occasionally had second thoughts but not for very long. Why? Because I know that this is where I am supposed to be. I know that this is where the Lord led me when I prayed about moving. I trust in Him even when it isn’t easy.

Of course I miss my family but I’m thankful that they’re just a phone call away. I know it makes it easier on my mom when she hears that I’m doing ok and I know she appreciates me calling everyday. Even though I’ve moved away, I honestly think that I’ve grown closer to my siblings through the move and for that I’m thankful.

Now I just need to plan a trip back to Georgia, but who knows when that will be. 🙂



Funny Little Things

When someone on the phone doesn’t understand your name and instead of listening to how you spell your name [Hannah] spells it back as [Hanahh]. Oh my goodness, I just had to laugh.

Since I answer the phone to transfer the customers to the right line, I have been called pretty much everyone else’s name. I’ve had people be like, “Hey ____,” and then they just jump straight into their problem. I try to stop them as quickly as possible so that they don’t have to explain their issue multiple times.

Just documenting the funny little things.

The Little Things

Every other Sunday I go to Youth Group from 6-8:30. I’m not technically the right age to attend and I’m not really helping but I’ve been going so I can get to know the youth from the chapel. In the last two months, I’ve gone to two retreats and had a chance to get to know those that went as well. When I got the house where youth group would be tonight, I went downstairs to put my bag down and found some of the there. I went to sit by [C]. Now getting to the point of this post, one of the first things that [C] told me is that she was really glad that I came to youth group. It might not seem like much but when you’re new to town and having to make new friends, it’s these little things that count. All evening, [C] hung out with me and, even though I’m not her age, it was really nice to feel wanted there. The funny thing with [C] hanging out with me tonight, is that she’s been laid on my heart and it has sort of pushed me toward wanting to take the steps to hang out with her. I would appreciate prayer in figuring out to go about it.