Where Is She Now | 1 Year in Kansas

365 day ago I moved from Dahlonega, GA to Topeka, KS. And I love it. I am so happy that I listened and moved in God’s timing. Born 1995, Moved to Camp Hope 2002, Moved to Topeka, KS 2016.

It has definitely been a year of firsts and new things.
Bought a car | Entirely in cash
Started a new job
Went to a new assembly and met some amazing people
Went to more Bible conferences than I ever have before
Moved into my own place
Graduated college with an AAS in Business Technology
Spending Christmas away from my family
Moved again and signed my first lease

Some not so monumental things include:
Defining my style | I’m almost there
Learning to live on my own
Learning to cook for one person
Hospitality | Having people over for dinner
Working with the chapel Youth Group
Making some great friends who have changed my life

I cannot wait for this next year. I would have never thought that I would be living in Kansas, 869 miles from where I grew up in Dahlonega, GA, a place that I called home for 14 years.

So thank you to everyone who has supported me in this change.
For my family | Trusting that I am in God’s hands and sending me out. Being a phone call away when I have a question
For the chapel here in Topeka | Welcoming me in with open arms even when you couldn’t figure our why I had moved here.
And to the friends I have made here in Topeka | You are amazing! Listening to me when I start to panic about why I’ve moved here. Being family on Christmas. Being family in general. And so much more than I can say in one post.


5 months

I’ve lived in Topeka, KS for 5 months.

No one else really remembers but I do. And I’m excited that I’ve made it this long. I’ve occasionally had second thoughts but not for very long. Why? Because I know that this is where I am supposed to be. I know that this is where the Lord led me when I prayed about moving. I trust in Him even when it isn’t easy.

Of course I miss my family but I’m thankful that they’re just a phone call away. I know it makes it easier on my mom when she hears that I’m doing ok and I know she appreciates me calling everyday. Even though I’ve moved away, I honestly think that I’ve grown closer to my siblings through the move and for that I’m thankful.

Now I just need to plan a trip back to Georgia, but who knows when that will be. 🙂


I’ve found a place

So I’m excited to announce that I have found a place to live!! I move in the first weekend in December. It’s a great MIL suite that is furnished, which is perfect! It is about 10 minutes from the Chapel and about 20 minutes from work. I’ve got a large bedroom and bathroom, a kitchenette and living area. I’m very excited to decorate and organize my new place.


I’ve just gone thrift store shopping so I’ll do a post on that in a few days.