First Week in Topeka

It’s almost been two weeks since I moved. That’s not been the only change in my life, though. I’ve started a new job, bought a car, and I’m finishing my last semester of college. I’m not a person that does well with change which is why I’m still kinda shocked. Now I knew that I would buy a car one day, finish school, maybe move but I never thought that I would do all of them at the exact same time. Let me give you a rundown of the last two weeks.

Monday – Mom, Naomi, and I left my grandparents at 5am and drove up to Kansas. We got to the house around 6:30pm. Not bad timing at all and that included all our stops. I started to unload the car and put some of my stuff in place. Joe told me that my car would be delivered on Wednesday.

Tuesday – After I got everything out of the car, we three girls went to do some shopping. I had done some research for some things that I knew I would need but didn’t really want to try and find room in the van to get it up here. I had been given some gift cards to different places and was going to use those to help me finish getting settled in. Well, needless to say, my research wasn’t quite right because the two main things I wanted weren’t actually available in the Topeka store but were available in the Kansas City store. I was not going to have us drive 2 hours round trip to get the items that I really wanted when I could find perfectly acceptable replacements here in Topeka. Once I decided to find things that would work just as well we went everywhere to find the items. I was looking for a trashcan but it had to be a certain shape to fit in my room. I was also looking for a lap desk and only Bed Bath and Beyond had any. I finally found a trashcan at Dollar General that was the perfect size. By this point it was 11:30 and we decided it was late enough that we could go eat lunch. Having eaten out all of Monday, not many places sounded good to all three of us but we settled on Taco Bell.

After we ate, we drove to my new job so they could see where I would be working. They took a picture of the sign and sent it to Dad. We finally headed back home so I could finish organizing my room. I asked mom to sit in there with me so we could spend some time together before they headed out Wednesday morning. I went through my office supplies and but everything I had in little boxes into one big box except for a few essential items I would need frequently while doing school. I reorganized under my bed which I had raised. Raising the bed was a necessity because that is where pretty much everything is stored. I went through my hanging clothes and had to narrow down what needed to hang vs what could be folded because I now have about ¼ of the space that I did in my parent’s house (I am forever grateful for the hanging space that I have). All of the organizing pretty much took up the afternoon. When Joe came home from work he was actually driving my car! I was really happy that mom and Naomi got to see it before they left. We ate supper with the Hawkinson and then watched a movie before heading to bed.

Wednesday – Because of the long drive and the chance of rain, mom, and Naomi headed out around 6am for their drive home. I waved them off and then went into my room and did some school. Pretty much all of Wednesday I did school so that I could be ahead and not be stressed out. I kept in touch with mom and Naomi and they got into our grandparent’s house around 8pm I believe. Wednesday was a lot harder on me than I thought it would be. My car had been delivered on Tuesday but the mechanic needed to look it over before I could finalize the paperwork. After church, we went to the office and signed the paperwork.

Thursday – First day of work. A lot of information all at once. We did the closing of the fiscal year. Don’t remember much else

Friday – more work

Saturday – the start of a three-day weekend! I went out and did some shopping, trying to learn my way around a new town.

Sunday – went to the Chapel, ate lunch with some friends from the Chapel, and did some homework.

I’ll write about this last week in another post.

I’m also trying to take more pictures. Sorry for so few.



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