A Really Long Day

When your day starts at 3:30 am and ends at 11pm (both are EST) that makes for a really long day. Oh, and when you lock you and your dad out of the car and your mom drives 30 minutes to rescue you, that just adds some great stress to the day as well.

I got to the company at 11am (CST) and shadowed/started training for the administrative job. It was a whirlwind of information and trying to understand all or most of what the job would entail. I worked with C until 1:15 and then went to lunch with two of the girls from the office. Right after I got to the office I found out that I would be shadowing for a customer support position as well. After lunch, which was at a delicious Mexican restaurant, I shadowed for the customer support position. The company sells pharmacy software and I would be supporting customers who call or email in with problems. By the time I went and talked to Mr. Springer, it was 4:15. I found out during our talk that I had scored really high on the two assessments that I had taken. We talked some about the pros and cons of each position, that the support position would require a two-year commitment and the front desk requires that if I were to leave I just have to wait to my replacement is found and trained.  I appreciated that he didn’t try and give me the rose colored glasses view but looked at my assessments and would say, “you know, this could be a hard part of the job for you.” I told him I would give him an answer Monday or Tuesday. And he said that would be great.

Once I left the office, I followed Joe home where we hung out until it was time to leave for supper that we were having at one of the elder’s houses. Supper went well and we talked (okay they talked and I was trying not to fall asleep 🙂 ). This was the same elder’s house that had a basement apartment but it is no longer available for me to rent. They do have a bedroom upstairs where I would have my own bathroom but I would be sharing the kitchen with the couple.

At this point, I’m just trying to process everything and figure out what position to take. My first inclination is to take the job that offers more money. Not because I like that job better but because it offers more. But I don’t know that I would be happy with that position. I had already worked out that I could live off the position that offered less and honestly I’m leaning towards that position.


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