Boy, a lot can happen when you don’t communicate.

I have three best friends-

Rebekah – I’ve known her for years through camp but our friendship has really blossomed in these past years. We’ve worked at the camp together and then we got Anna to work at camp.

Anna – I met her at church. She was quiet, shy and I did most of the talking. As Rebekah and I got to know Anna and got her working at camp, she is so not that quiet girl that I had first met.

Naomi – I’m not sure I would have ever said that my little sister was one of my best friends. We, of course, had the sibling rivalry that a lot of siblings have growing up, but as annoying as she can be at times life would definitely be not quite as bright nor a loud 🙂 if she wasn’t in mine.

Through this job opportunity, I had a break of communication with one of my best friends.

Needless to say, we both let our feelings get hurt and all because we both knew that me moving would change things. Not working at the retreat we always work together, not being able to go bowling and then go sit at Wendy’s and talk and not being close enough to be there by one’s side when tragedy strikes.

I’m thankful for a friend that thinks that our friendship is worth the tough talks. That even when we fail to communicate, when we’ve made up we can continue on and move past hurts.

My best friends have been part of what has shaped me these past years. I’ll write more on my best friends later but wanted to write this post so that I remember that I must communicate.

Distance means so little when friendship means so much.


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